Inform. Connect. Think.

The technology industry in Texas is a key driver of our state’s economy, directly employing almost 600,000 Texans – the 2nd largest technology workforce in the country. These companies are at the forefront of innovation in information technology, biotechnology, telecommunications, e-commerce, clean energy, agriculture, education, healthcare and our day-to-day lives. We want to ensure that next-generation tech innovation starts in Texas, stays in Texas, and grows in Texas.

For this reason, a bipartisan group of members of the Texas House of Representatives formed the Innovation & Technology Caucus of the Texas House (IT Caucus) in 2015 as a policy shop and industry partner to focus on educating and informing members on ways to further advance technology industry innovation, growth, and competitiveness here in Texas, and strengthening the already significant impact this sector has on the state’s economy. We believe it is vital that the Texas Legislature adopts the best public policies to support and not hinder innovation and technology growth.

We do this by facilitating greater interaction between House members and industry leaders to drive conversation, build relationships and collaborate on common priorities from K-16 education to policies and regulatory frameworks that embrace and harness innovation and emerging technology and encourage entrepreneurship. We partner with industry leaders— big, small and startups—along with primary, secondary and higher education institutions to interact, tour and learn about what is working here in Texas and in other states with the goal of building Texas as the new frontier for innovation and technology.

In three words, our goal is to inform, connect and think. We believe this approach will help us develop and foster smart, forward-thinking public policy for the State of Texas.

The IT Caucus operates as a non-political, bipartisan legislative caucus as defined by Section 253.0341(e) of the Texas Election Code. Per our governing bylaws and state and federal law, the IT Caucus does not participate in any political campaign activity.